Rules & Etiquette


Dear Jackson Heights Members,

The Board of Directors of Jackson Heights Golf Course would like to thank you for being active members of our golf course. In order to ensure that everyone has a positive experience when playing the course, we would like to bring to your attention items that can adversely affect the pace of play during peak usage of the course. Our peak times on the course usually occur on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you choose to play at these times wait times may be longer.

The first item pertains to the rule we have that states during non- tournament times no group, whether members or guests, play the course in a group larger than four players. This includes groups choosing to play stroke play, best shot, or alternate shot formats. Large groups slow the pace of play on the course and adversely affect all players on the course at the time of the offending group. Please do not ask the staff to make exceptions for you or make an arbitrary decision on your own to ignore this rule based on low numbers playing the course. In addition, we have asked the staff to remind any guest groups of this limit.

The second item pertains to etiquette and courtesy when beginning play on the course. We ask that during peak times, all play must start on Tee #1. Players that wait their turn to begin play have the right to play the course at the pace of play set by those already on the course. Adding players on more than one tee slows the pace of play and is discourteous to those that have arrived earlier and waited their turn to play the course. If you feel that you cannot afford the time to wait then please consider an alternative time to play the course. Please be aware of other groups and always allow faster groups to play through.

The third item involves keeping golf carts on the paths around all of the greens. If you must leave the paths, always keep the carts at least 30 feet from the greens. At no time should anyone be driving a cart on the mounds anywhere on the course. To do so is unnecessary and dangerous. If you have invited guests to play and drive on the course, please ask them to follow these guidelines.

As a final item, if you rent or lease a cart from the club when you play the course please remember to return the cart to the charging station that matches the number of the cart. This is being mandated by the cart supplier in conjunction with the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty.

If we as members follow these items we will guarantee a positive experience for all playing our beautiful course. Of course we can’t promise it will help our scores improve!

Thank you for playing our course and being a courteous member.

Birdies and Pars to you,

Board of Directors of Jackson Heights Golf Course